12 Important Abortion Resources Which Give You The Information You Need

12 Important Abortion Resources Which Give You The Information You Need

by: admin | May 28, 2017

Information is key to battling stigma and promoting access to safe abortion. Here are some resources that are a must-read for people looking to learn more about abortion:


1. Maps to Accessing Safe Abortion Services in Delhi and Chandigarh

Hidden Pockets with support from CREA conducted a mapping exercise in Delhi and Chandigarh to locate approved Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) centres and then geolocate them on digital maps.These maps give out details of approved health facilities and can easily be accessed through any of your digital devices.


2. The Crowdsourced List of Gynaecologists We Trust

This is a crowdsourced directory of trustworthy gynaecologists in 20 Indian cities. These doctors are well-trained, affordable, reassuring, and above all, respectful of any sexual or lifestyle choices we make.


3. Notes on Body and Sexuality from the Abortion Discourse

How is the discourse on abortion deeply connected with women being able to assert control over their bodies and sexuality? This article on TARSHI's In Plainspeak is a look at how abortion stigma is deeply related to the stigma around women's sexuality.


4. Closing the Gap in Addressing Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Violence Against Disabled Women

This resource addresses the fact that people with disabilities are sexual beings, and therefore have an equal need for and right to sexuality education, and sexual and reproductive health facilities like abortion. It looks at the intersection of disability and abortion.


5. Abortion and Consent

 The fourth of the nine part essay series entitled Global Dialogues on Decriminalisation, Choice and Consent (CREA 2014) has been adapted from presentations by Elisa Slattery, Sonia Correa and Rupsa Mallik. This essay highlights the importance of choice and consent in the conversation around abortion.


6. Reproductive Health Matters (Hindi) - Special Abortion Edition

The sixth edition of Reproductive Health Matters in Hindi, on "Abortion and Rights" was published by CREA in 2012. It looks at abortion access and the right to abortion in various countries and contexts.


7. Ensuring Access to Safe Abortion and Addressing Gender Biased Sex Selection

This document by the Ministry of Health addresses the conflation between gender biased sex selection and access to abortion services, and acts as a guide to dealing with the two issues to the media, service providers, government bodies and officials and other stakeholders.


8. DIY Doula - Self Care Before, During and After your Abortion

This brilliant zine was written for anyone who decides to get an abortion. It provides information about self-care and other important aspects of abortion in a creative, interactive manner.


9. Gender Gaps in Research on Abortion in India: A Critical Review of Selected Studies (1990-2000)

This review begins with a look at abortion in India through a gender lens. It talks about the things we already know about abortion in India, and areas where we need more research.


10. Unsafe Abortion: Global and Regional Estimates

This worldwide study was conducted by the World Health Organisation in 2008. This resource helps in understanding the context in which we battle against stigma and incidents of unsafe abortion, and fight to provide safe and legal access to abortion services.


11. Tips on How to Educate About Abortion

This short video provides useful tips to people who want to educate others about abortion, including ideas on how to create a safe and respectful space for discussion, how to present facts and how to make your session practical.


12. Tips on How to Talk About Abortion

This short video provides useful tips about what to consider when developing materials relating to abortion, including how to use rights-based messages and how to avoid using stigmatizing language and images.