Infographics on Unsafe Abortion

Infographics on Unsafe Abortion

by: admin | September 23, 2017


Unsafe abortion remains a `silent pandemic’(David Grimes); The World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that 42 million pregnancies were voluntarily terminated, of which 20 million were unsafe (2003).

Rate of unsafe abortions are higher where abortion laws are restrictive.  It is, however, important to note that while decriminalising abortions is a vital first step, that alone will not result in eliminating unsafe abortion.

In India, even though the law allows for abortion up to 20 weeks, many other factors contribute to high rates of unsafe abortions. Some of these issues will be highlighted through the course of this one week campaign. Addressing unsafe abortion needs to be an urgent public health as well as human rights imperative in India and elsewhere.

An accurate estimation of abortion is difficult, which is mainly due to the fact that induced abortion is stigmatized and women are reluctant to even report having had one. Unsafe abortions are particularly difficult to measure. The lack of reliable information pose a serious challenge to designing evidence based programs to improve access to safe abortions.*

A recent article, in a national daily (**Hindustan Times) quoted Union Health Secretary, Government of India saying there are serious problems with India’s public health statistics. The Secretary also said the Health Management Information System (HMIS) is not effectively used. 

[*Elisabeth Ahman and Iqbal H. ShahGenerating National Unsafe Abortion Estimates: Challenges and Choices]