Where Can I Access Safe Abortion Services In Delhi And Chandigarh?

Where Can I Access Safe Abortion Services In Delhi And Chandigarh?

by: admin | May 22, 2017

By Aisha Lovely George (Hidden Pockets) & Nafisa Ferdous (CREA)

Abortion stigma can often lead to negative consequences for young, single women in need of accessing safe abortion services. There are several challenges that women face starting with lack of information on abortion itself, not knowing where to access services, encountering judgmental provider attitudes and bias, prohibitive cost, and fear due to social norms. These and other factors can push women into vulnerable situations where they opt for unsafe services that put their lives and health at risk.

Often, the first major difficulty that women face is locating facilities for obtaining safe service. This was the origin for Hidden Pockets and CREA’s mapping exercise. Hidden Pockets with support from CREA conducted a mapping exercise in Delhi and Chandigarh to locate approved Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) centres and then geolocate them on digital maps. We believe in making data publicly available to so that people can conveniently locate public health service centres that are both affordable and offer quality MTP services.  These maps give out details of approved health facilities and can easily be accessed through any of your digital devices.










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