What Your Gift Can Do

100% of your donation to CREA will be used for programme implementation. We are a small organisation with worldwide reach. And, our ambition is to change the world for women and girls. Your donation will:

  • Help fund CREA’s groundbreaking Institutes that create stronger, more informed activists, who can lead change in their countries and communities.
  • Empower adolescent girls living in rural India, who want to play, laugh, learn, and grow together to fight for their rights and improve their lives.
  • Provide access for women and girls to free online and print resources on sexuality, disability rights, women’s human rights, and gender norms.


Will Your Gift Make a Difference?

Absolutely! We strongly believe that every individual action is critical and necessary for all of us to succeed. We know that our work makes a difference, because women and girls have told us so. Click here for some of our stories of impact.


What Is In It For You?

Unlike big organisations with huge budgets, every dollar, rupee, euro, or shilling donated to CREA makes an immediate difference to our programmes. You can feel good knowing that you are an important and game-changing partner for CREA. Individual gifts give us the freedom to implement the kind of programmes that women and girls really want—and that you believe in too.