5 December 2017

यौनिकता, जेंडर एवं अधिकार - एक अध्ययन


फरवरी 19-24, 2018


(नई दिल्ली- हिंदी )


यह प्रशिक्षण, इस श्रृंखला की बारहवीं कड़ी है| प्रशिक्षण के लिए आवेदन पत्र आप यहाँ से डाऊनलोड कर सकते हैं। भरे हुए आवेदनपत्र भेजने की आख़िरी तिथि 25 दिसम्बर 2017 है |

'यौनिकता,जेंडर एवं  अधिकार - एक अध्ययन' क्रिया द्वारा संचालित, एक सप्ताह का आवासीय अध्ययन कार्यक्रम है।इस कार्यक्रम में समुदाय आधारित संस्थाओं में कार्यरत महिलाओं को यौनिकता, अधिकार, जेंडर और प्रजनन स्वास्थ्य के वैचारिक सिद्धांतों से अवगत करवाया जाता है एवं इनके सांस्कृतिक, सामाजिकLink for.....

26 October 2017

CREA’s Sexuality, Gender, and Rights Institute: Exploring Theory and Practice

(India – English)


8 – 12 January 2018

Khandala, India




The CREA Sexuality, Gender, and Rights Institute (SGRI) is for individuals working on issues of sexuality, LGBT rights, sexual rights, sexual and reproductive health and rights, HIV/AIDS, violence against women, or gender, based in India or working on these issues related to India. A small number of spaces will be reserved for candidates of other South Asian countries.


CREA'sLink for.....

23 October 2017

Reproductive Health Matters' (RHM) 10th edition on 'Sexuality, Politics and Rights' in Hindi, is out! This edition has a total of 8 articles which connects sexuality with various issues of life. Through these different articles, it is our effort to see how sexuality, despite being a personal issue is politicized and how the law influences it. 


Co-produced by CREA, RHM’s Hindi edition is still a unique production even today. There are no books available or seen in Hindi which combine practical and theoretical aspects around the issues of sexual health, sexual rights andLink for.....

26 September 2017

CREA is opening applications for the 2017 Feminist Leadership, Movement Building and Rights Institute in Hindi taking place 20th-24th November. To find out more, read the call and apply soon!

Institute Description

Application Form

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20 September 2017

CREA, in partnership with Global Health Strategies (GHS), is launching a one-week campaign (22-28 September) to advocate for improved access to safe abortion in India.

This year, during the one week campaign CREA and GHS will address issues of unsafe abortion from the point of view of access to services and barriers within the health system. Abortion is a vital reproductive health right that every person who needs it should be able to access.

Come join us through the week in this conversation and support us in our advocacy efforts. You can follow along on the CREA FacebookLink for.....