Postponed: #ReThink Evenings by CREA -17 August 2018, Delhi
As we all know, the state of Kerala and parts of South India are facing disastrous...
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Abortion, Gender and Rights Institute
गर्भसमापन , जेंडर और अधिकार प्रशिक्षण- हिन्दी अक्टूबर  4 - 8, 2018 नई दिल्ली    ...
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Applications Open: Feminist Leadership, Movement Building and Rights Institute - Hindi
नारीवादी नेतृत्व, आंदोलन निर्माण और अधिकार प्रशिक्षण- हिन्दी सितम्बर 3 - 7, 2018 नई...
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Applications Open: FLMBaRI East Africa
Feminist Leadership, Movement Building and Rights Institute—East Africa 8-15 July...
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CREA's Anti-GBV Campaign: Where Technology Meets Grassroots Mobilisation
`CREA’s “Meri Panchayat Meri Shakti ...Baadhte Kadam Panchayat Ki Ore” is an anti-...
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My Panchayat, My Strength - Baadhte Kadam Panchayat Ki Ore!
CREA has launched a new advocacy campaign against Gender Based Violence that...
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Here is an excerpt from the post by Pooja Badarinath (Programme Coordinator, Advocacy and Research, CREA) at TARSHI's blog 'In Plainspeak'.     "Consent has always been a loaded term and when we qualify it with ‘informed’,...READ MORERead more
New publications
CREA Annual Report 2012/13 For CREA, 2012/13 was the year of the new—new initiatives, new programmes, and new partners. The Report presents a snapshot of some of the year's highlights, divided into CREA's strategic...READ MORERead more
CREA respects each individual's right to personal privacy. We will not share your information with any third-party organisation without your explicit permission to do so. To ensure the security of your personal information...READ MORERead more