Impact We Have Had

“CREA’s impact is everywhere!”

How do you quantify social change? What rupee or dollar value can one put on the moment a young girl tells her parents that she wants to play cricket like her brother, or that she wants to study further and not get married before reaching the legal of marriage? What number would one assign to the empowerment of a woman to a level that she not only fights and wins a case of domestic violence against her husband, but also provides counselling to women facing similar situations in her village? What outreach can one show when a rural woman attends and speaks at an international summit on the issues that she works on? What value can one put on the amount of strength and confidence that a person gains so as to reveal their sexual identity to their family and friends? How can one quantify the happiness and confidence of a disabled woman when she realises that there is no real reason for her to feel less desirable or have no sexual relations?


CREA’s impact cannot be entirely quantified in numbers. Although there are many interesting (and encouraging) numbers, CREA’s ‘real’ impact is in our stories of change. Everyday, CREA and its partners learn about and see CREA’s impact—in various forms among various groups of people. Click here to read a select few stories.


CREA has always focussed on assessing the impact of its work. We have consistently tried to evaluate our impact on the organisations and individuals that we work and connect with, and on the broader fields of our work in India and globally.

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) has always been built into each of CREA’s programmes. All programme areas in the organisation have overall goals and specific objectives, and indicators of impact. In addition, CREA has periodically done external evaluations across programmes.

CREA gathers data on not only short-term outputs (numbers of sessions, participants, concrete new programmes that have been started), but also long-term change. We track participant and partner feedback, and organisational and programmatic development through in-depth regular monitoring of and interaction with all our stakeholders. We observe changes as they happen!


For those who love numbers, here is a snapshot of CREA’s impact.



CREA has grown from a small, grassroots structure into a highly professional, globally impactful organisation, embedded within multiple human rights movements.

2000 2014

2 staff members

26 staff members and consultants

Staff members based in Delhi, India

Consultants and field staff based in Delhi, Bihar, Kolkata, Mumbai, and Uttar Pradesh, India, and in Vietnam

Handful of campaigns

48 Institutes and trainings;

15 exchange programmes;

4 global dialogues;

12 creative performance events and film festivals;

several grassroots-level and advocacy campaigns; 

many national and international coalitions

First token money of $30,000 and budget of $25,000

Reserve valued at about $1.3 million and budget of $1.1–$1.7 million



CREA's overall reach




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