Outcome 1
Women and girls are able to make informed decisions about their bodies and sexuality, and challenge power structures that silence and oppress them.

Framing shifts

Begin to see themselves as rights-bearers. Understand that they have the ability to make choices and decisions about their bodies and sexuality. Feel empowered to ask questions about the norms and power structures that affect their lives in their communities.

Action shifts

Begin to resist and speak out against the violence and discrimination they face. Demand and access their rights and services at the community level. Start making choices around their bodies, and sexual and reproductive health.

Policy shifts

Influence the development and implementation of policies relating to women within State institutions at the community level. Are more informed about laws and policies that exist at local, regional, national, and global levels. Begin demanding greater accountability to improve and make services more inclusive.

Collective shifts

Form and join networks of women and girls at the community level. Link themselves to local, regional, national, and global networks.