Suman of Virangana Mahila Sangathan

Suman, an Ibtida member from Virangana Mahila Sangathan, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh, reported that after attending an Ibtida training on women and law, she found out that even during an arrest, women have certain rights, which the police is supposed to respect. She had been working with domestic workers and their daughters for long, but she had not attended any training on laws related to women. She once came to know that a woman had been arrested and locked up in the police station without food and water. The woman was not even allowed to contact or meet her family members. The Ibtida member went to the police station and requested to meet the arrested woman. When she did not get the permission for it, she informed the police officers that was against the law and that she may inform the media about this. After much negotiation, she was able to meet the arrested women and take necessary action for her case. She, thus, feels that the women and law training has helped her a lot. Now, she does not need any help and can handle all cases very confidently; that too, on her own.


Suman also shared an another interesting story. She was once paying a visit to her brother, who is a lawyer by profession. During her visit, a woman came to her brother for advice on her case of domestic violence. The participant, who is also an Ibtida member, explained the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act and asked her to go to a Protection Officer and she aslo told her she does not need lawyer right now. The brother was amazed to hear her explanation of the Act and even said that she has a better understanding of it than him. So now, her brother has asked Suman to come regularly to his chamber and deal with cases of domestic violence.