Warembo Ni Yes!


“I am writing to share with you an exciting initiative started by a group of young feminist activists in Kenya, called Warembo Ni Yes! All of the alumni of the Akina Mama wa Afrika/CREA Institute are a part of this initiative, so we can celebrate the bonds that were created in Uganda, the lessons we learnt, and the energy we left with. We are mobilising the power of young women to determine their future, by understanding their increased rights in the proposed Constitution of Kenya, and voting ‘yes’.”

—Zawadi Atieno Nyong'o, 7th Sense Communications, Kenya (participant, FLaMBI 2010)


Alumni of the Feminist Leadership, Movement Building, and Rights Institute—East Africa (formerly Feminist Leadership and Movement Building Institute) 2010 joined hands with other young feminist activists to begin a campaign in Kenya, Africa, called Warembo Ni Yes! to mobilise women to vote in support of Kenya’s new Constitution. Warembo Ni Yes! is “a movement of young and diverse women supporting the proposed Constitution of Kenya”. The members are non-partisan and from all walks of life. They represent different economic backgrounds, ethnicities, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, gender identities, races, and abilities.


The participants of Feminist Leadership, Movement Building, and Rights Institute—East Africa 2011 have decided to spread the Warembo Ni Yes! campaign throughout Africa to increase the political participation of young women.


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