Here is an excerpt from the post by Pooja Badarinath (Programme Coordinator, Advocacy and Research, CREA) at TARSHI's blog 'In Plainspeak'.



"Consent has always been a loaded term and when we qualify it with ‘informed’, the realistic practical understanding of what it means ‘to consent’ is at the bare minimum challenging and many times, a conundrum. While the definition of consent has evolved in the area of violence and especially in the context of violence against women and more specifically sexual violence, one cannot say the same about other aspects of one’s life. What it means to say ‘no’ is an area that has been much debated and discussed over decades by activists, academics, lawyers, courts to name a few. In a society where historically, patriarchal structures have always resisted women exercising autonomy over their bodies, it has been very important to define and clearly understand what it means to say ‘no’ and that consensual sex cannot be assumed in every situation."



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