Connect with CREA at the AWID Forum 2016

8 September 2016

Panels & Activities

CREA is honored to participate in the 2016 AWID Forum in Bahia, Brazil from September 8-11th. The following is a snapshot of plenaries, panels and activities we have planned in association with CREA and CREA partners.

Plenary: The Power of Collective Resource Mobilization: Visions for the Future of Resourcing our Movements
Organized by the Count Me In (CMI) Consortium; Speakers: TBA
When: Friday, September 9th, 18:30 – 20:00; Room: Arena Sauípe
This evening plenary will illustrate examples of collective resource mobilization strategies among multiple movement allies, unpacking the internal challenges and external dynamics that impact joint resource mobilization efforts.


Umbrella Session: Bodily Integrity and Freedoms
Organized by Coalition for African Lesbians (CAL), CREA, RESURJ, and AWID; Speakers: TBA
When: Sunday, September 11th, 9:00-10:30; Room: Bahia 1

This umbrella session will address the myriad forms of attack on our bodies to share alternatives, visions and responses.


CREA in partnership with AWID, CAL and RESURJ organized a two part Webinar Series leading up to the AWID Umbrella Session on Bodily Integrity and Freedom.

Webinar 1: #BodyandTerritory
Speakers: Binalakshmi Nepram, Ghiwa Sayegh, Sheena Magenya, Shi Alarcon
Struggles for integrity and freedom as relating to the body and sexuality are in many ways tangled up with questions of territory. This webinar brings together activists pushing the boundaries of what we understand as the body and creates links between the different strategies for freeing bodies as territories. Click here to view.


Webinar 2: Bridging Gaps: A Conversation between Disability, Intersex and Trans Activists

Speakers: Ghada Boulos, Janet Price, Leigh Ann Van de Merwe, Morgan Carpenter, Nidhi Goyal
Bodily Integrity and Freedoms conceptually span a whole range of issues that act as drivers of our movements. The wonderful presenters have been powerful voices within the disability, intersex and trans rights movements. They all have an abiding commitment and passion to foster inter-movement conversations. [Recording forthcoming]


Panel: Collectivizing to Confront Criminalization of our Sexualities, Reproduction and Lives: Challenges from the Global to the Local
Organized by the Amnesty International, CREA and ABIA; Speakers: Carolyn Eisert (Amnesty International); Elizabeth Vasquez (Legal Patrol and Project Transgender); Geetanjali Misra (CREA); Georgina Orellano (AMMAR Nacional); Sonia Correa (Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association)
When: Thursday, September 8th, 11:30-13:00; Room: Gran Bahia 2
As criminalization of our sexualities and reproduction occurs worldwide, we must confront state-sanctioned violence for exercising our human rights. This session will highlight the difficult questions raised by criminal justice remedies and how (de)criminalization advocacy can unite movement divides between groups similarly impacted by punitive laws and policies.

Panel: Abortion Rights to Reproductive Justice: Tracing the Historical Legacy and Unpacking the Contemporary Discourse 
Organized by CREA; Speakers: Elisa Slattery (Open Society Foundations); Katrina Anderson (Center for Reproductive Rights); Rupsa Mallik (CREA); Shilpa Shroff Desai (Asia Safe Abortion Partnership); Sonia Orufer Correa (Sexuality Policy Watch)
When: Thursday, September 8th, 14:30 – 16:00; Room: Aimores
During the past decade within the SRHR advocacy landscape there has been a neglect of the abortion question. This panel will address how myriad of institutions from the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to the Church and large funding organizationshave influenced how abortion is treated within SRHR discourse today.

Panel: Sexuality and Gender at the UN Human Rights Council: 10 Years Past and Onward
Organized by the Sexual Rights Initiative (SRI); Speakers: Alejandra Sarda (Akahata); Meghan Doherty (Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights); Sunita Kujur (CREA); TBA
When: Saturday, September 10th, 14:30 – 16:00; Room: Porto Seguro
This session will share learnings of SRI’s experience and case studies in the last 10 years at the Human Rights Council. The panel will offer analysis from the experiences of the SRI in advocating on sexuality and gender based on a sexual rights framework. 

Panel: Crossing Movements, Creating Coalitions: How Disabled And Non-Disabled Feminists Disrupt Power For Inter-Dependency, Advocacy And Sexual Rights
Organized by CREA; Speakers: Janet Price (DaDaFest); Meenu Pandey (CREA); Nidhi Goyal (; Stella Nkhonya (Malawi Human Rights for Women and Girls with Disabilities)
When: Saturday, September 10th, 16:30-18:00; Room: Capitania Porto Seguro
Four feminists will debate disability and sexuality in Asia, Africa and the Web and address how to initiate alliances around right and work jointly towards (economic) justice for disabled women.

Panel: Unraveling Women’s Leadership: Some Reflections for the Future
Organized by Women's Empowerment and Leadership Development for Democratization (WELDD); Speakers: Farida Shaheed (WELDD); Sanjana Gaind (CREA); TBA
When: Friday, September 9th, 14:30 – 16:00; Room: Gran Bahia 2
A talk show format presented by Farida Shaheed from Women's Empowerment and Leadership Development for Democratization (WELDD). Sanjana Gaind from CREA will join this conversation with other speakers to discuss and unpack the meaning of 'building women leadership'.

CREA Booth
An interactive arts-meets-activism booth exploring feminist discourses across movements from sex workers rights, sexuality and disability, bodily integrity and more.

Calling All CREA Alumni @ AWID
With nearly 1800 alumni across the world, earlier this year CREA began holding conversations with alumni on how to strengthen our global network. We invite CREA friends and alumni to connect with us in Brazil by stopping by our booth and continuing this conversation on creating a more vibrate alumni network.

South Asia Young Feminists Gathering
A gathering inviting young feminists from South Asia to network and exchange experiences and strategies. Details on time and place will be shared shortly.