Enhancing Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Women with Disability: CREA's 4-day Inter-Country Meeting in Geneva

2 September 2016

CREA organised a 4-day strategic meeting coinciding with the 16th session of the Convention of the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) in Geneva, Switzerland this August 22-25th, 2016. The meeting was part of a broader initiative to enhance the dialogue between women’s rights and disability rights groups for the advancement of sexual and reproductive rights (SRR) of women living with disabilities. Representatives from disability rights organisations across India, Nepal, Uganda and Kenya attended.

The discussions centred around effectively using national, regional and human rights mechanisms, such as the CRPD monitoring process for ensuring accountability of state actors for sexual and reproductive rights of women living with disabilities.

As part of the programme, CREA and the organisations from the 4 countries met with UN Agencies discussing their role in sexual and reproductive rights for women and girls with disabilities. CREA also organized a briefing with the CRPD Committee and the group raised highly relevant issues with the Committee members, such as legal capacity and consent in relation to SRR, elimination of forced sterilization, ensuring reasonable relation to sexual and reproductive rights, and highlighting the importance of choice and self determination in relation to sexuality and reproduction.

Following the CRPD Colombian country review, CREA and the  activists from the 4 countries  had a half day interaction with disability rights activists from Colombia where participants and activists shared their experiences of setting strategies and enhancing movement building around the CRPD  process.

The meeting resulted in strengthened commitment to further develop national advocacy plans for the enhancement of  SRR  of women living with disabilities, and strengthen national alliances in this regard, including by using the CRPD review mechanism as a strategic entry point.