JOIN: Webinar on #BodyAndTerritory

27 July 2016

This webinar is the first in a series of webinars leading up to the final session at the AWID Forum 2016 on Bodily Integrity and Freedoms being organized by AWID, CREA, the Coalition for African Lesbians (CAL) and RESURJ.

Join us on 27th July, 2016 at 10:30am EDT!

Struggles for integrity and freedom as relating to the body and sexuality are in many ways tangled up with questions of territory. For example, the body, in particular female bodies, have long been the site of creating, defining, and guarding notions of national, cultural and religious identity. Both the existence of territorial borders and their absence, such as the case of indigenous lands, pose threats to mobility and lead to violations on women’s bodies. The repression of bodies and territories is further exacerbated by the pact between the fundamentalists’ sectors and states, and women's rights in particular, are a bargaining chip to get more legitimacy and followers. Just as the body requires autonomy to be free in all its ways and diversity, the territory requires freedom from the imposition of careless development, privatization and exploitation.

The multiple forms in which violence is experienced (physical, cultural, territorial, environmental, ethnic/racial, generational and gender) ensure the continuation of patriarchal and heteronormative norms and power over the body. However, the body is a powerful source of autonomy, freedom, desire and pleasure and this too must remain at the forefront of our struggles for justice. To address this, there is the ever pressing need to create alliances and engage in dialogue across movements fighting for human rights and all encompassing justice (sexual, reproductive, gender, erotic, economic, ecological and territorial) to push the boundaries of what we understand as the body and create links between the different strategies for freeing bodies as territories.

Join us in an interactive webinar to explore the links between body and territory through some of the following questions: 

· What is the current reality with regard to bodily integrity, safety, security, mobility and freedom in your context or region? 

· How are repressive actors collaborating across their spheres and for what aim? (e.g. religious fundamentalists and corporations)?

· What is the dissonance between different social justice movements that work on issues related to bodies and territory and what bridge building do we need to advance greater solidarity?

· What are the strategies being used by different movements to reclaim the body in all its diversity? 

Speakers include: 

· Shi Alarcon, Member of #VecinasFeministas Por La Justicia Sexual and Reproductiva en America Latina y el Caribe, Costa Rica

· Ghiwa Sayegh, Anarcha-feminist, activist, researcher, writer, editor, and publisher, member of RESURJ and FRIDA advisory group, Lebanon

· Binalakshmi NepramControl Arms Foundation of India and Manipur Women Gun Survivors Network, India

· Sheena MagenyaCoalition for African Lesbians (CAL), Kenya

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Looking forward to having you with us on 27th July, 2016 at 10:30 AM EDT!

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Please note that the webinar will be held in English.