New Publications

New publications

CREA Annual Report 2012/13

For CREA, 2012/13 was the year of the new—new initiatives, new programmes, and new partners. The Report presents a snapshot of some of the year's highlights, divided into CREA's strategic initiatives.


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Reproductive Health Matters—Hindi Edition on 'Repoliticising Sexual And Reproductive Health And Rights'

This edition is a compilation of nine articles on issues related to rethinking sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR). The articles examine the macroeconomic/political reasons why SRHR has stalled in many ways; they provide testimony that women's agency and choice are not necessarily informing the formulation of policies on SRHR; they demonstrate how funding for health at the highest levels gets decided and how countries allocate the funding; and they showcase how social justice is not always the idea behind the implementation of SRHR policies. This edition consists of case studies, research studies, and strategic discussions from India and Bangladesh, along with reviews of global economic trends, status of international treaties, and status of SRHR in public health education.


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