20 July 2016

Improving Access to Information About SRHR

When Seema* hit puberty, she saw her body go through a multitude of changes. Her breasts grew bigger, she started menstruating, and she noticed body hair growing in new places. She began to think that she might have a disease. The shame associated with asking questions about one’s body prevented her from doing so, and for a very long time, she thought she was alone. Had she been able to ask these questions, she would have realised that these changes were perfectly normal and happened to nearly everyone.

In a country where youngLink for.....

16 June 2016

CREA stands in solidarity with the LGBT community in the United States in light of the tragedy and mass shooting in an Orlando, Florida nightclub on June 12th, 2016. We acknowledge that we live in a time where increasing intimidation, harassment and violence against LGBT and Muslim communities are on the rise around the world. We affirm every person’s right to express their sexuality without threat, oppression, stigma or discrimination. We continue to support LGBT and other communities & movements so that diverse and nuanced narratives emerging from them can challenge homophobia,Link for.....

18 July 2016
DSROI announcement

The Disability, Sexuality, and Rights Online Institute

18 July – 29 August 2016 

(Completely online, 6 weeks, 6-10 hours per week)

CREA’s Disability, Sexuality, and Rights Online Institute is a six weeks long online course begun in 2010, which focuses on a conceptual study of disability and sexuality, and its inter-linkages with issues of feminism, public health, development, violence, media and representation, amongst others, using a rights-based approach. It is intended for practitioners and has a strong component on activists’ initiatives that integrate disability,Link for.....

16 May 2016
Copenhagen | Denmark
CREA @ Women Deliver 2016

CREA is at Women Deliver’s 4th Global Conference to talk about Sexual Rights, Gender and Diversity. CREA in collaboration with Sexual Rights Initiative, Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights, and UHAI EASHRI- the East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative is organising six concurrent sessions.

Women Deliver’s conferences are the world’s largest global convening to focus on the health, rights and well-being of girls and women. The focus of the 2016 Conference will be on how to make development matter most for girls and women, with a specific focus on health, rights, genderLink for.....

14 January 2016

CREA was invited by Devex, a development sector portal  to contribute an opinion piece on the intersection of gender equality, human rights and development. The suggested theme was early and forced marriages. The goal of the opinion piece was to expand the conversation around early and forced child marriage and its linkages with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with examples from CREA’s work. 

Click here to read this article written by Geetanjali Misra.

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