Suspend Judgment : CREA's Campaign Launch at AWID 2016

8 October 2016

On September 8th CREA launched "Suspend Judgment", a campaign on the future of feminist organizing and practice at the 13th annual AWID International Forum in Bahia, Brazil. Suspend Judgment features 14 unique parchas (Hindi for political leaflets) at the intersection of sexuality, gender and rights. Inspired by the movement traditions of the global south, CREA imagined Suspend Judgment as a mini-movement within itself engaging feminists to think and act intersectionally and to reflect critically on deeply rooted assumptions that hinder inclusivity. Starting from the CREA booth at AWID and emanating throughout the Forum halls and sessions, CREA invited global feminists to read, comment and post parchas on the issues and constituencies they felt most strongly about. The 14 parchas feature feminist perspectives across movements from sex workers rights, pleasure and consent, intersex rights, abortion stigma, anti-trafficking, bodily integrity, disability and sexuality and more.

To see our entire Suspend Judgment parcha collection click HERE.

About Suspend Judgment: Shifting discourse does not happen overnight. We have to challenge ourselves to suspend judgment and be reflective within our own feminist organizing. CREA is launching the Suspend Judgment campaign to enable all of us to THINK and ACT differently. To challenge our own assumptions rooted in our identities, lived realities and movement loyalties. To forge meaningful solidarity based not only on consensus but also from positions of deep discomfort and difference.

Suspend(ing) Judgment is feminist practice. We invite you to join the Suspend Judgment campaign.

Parcha graphics by Sherna Dastur.