Workshop on Sexuality and Gender with Queer Campus Groups

8 December 2016
New Delhi

As a part of CREA's process of building a conversation with campus queer groups, we reached out to various colleges across Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Kolkata. In conversations around identifying the various areas of support that CREA could provide to the groups, one common request across campuses was to provide tools to start conversations around gender and sexuality in campuses in a more engaging and interactive way. Keeping this in mind, CREA organised a workshop for activists from campus based queer groups across these four cities. It was conceptualised as a two day training.


The first day was a skill development training for the groups to be able to design and conduct training and workshops on gender and sexuality in their respective campus spaces. For this session, all the participants prepared a short 10 minute presentation of how they would conduct a training/workshop/conversation/sensitization on the basics of gender and sexuality in their campus spaces. Based on the presentation by all the participants, feedback was provided along with various tools and activities that the participants could use. This workshop was attended by 14 participants, representing 8 different campus based queer collectives/colleges. 


The second day of the training comprised of two sessions. The first session was on peer counseling and strengthening the capacities of the queer groups to provide such counseling to their peers as and when the need arises. The objective of this session was to help the participants think through various issues and ethics of providing peer counseling, addressing confidentiality concerns and pointers for handling crisis situations. The second session is about negotiating with authorities and parents on sexuality education, including better awareness and support for LGBTQI+ young people. The objective of this session is to equip the groups with tools to do advocacy within their institutional spaces.