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All Women Count

Gender-based violence doesn’t discriminate. We need to unify our voices and efforts to end violence against ALL women and trans people.

a participant at GBV meeting held in 2018 | Beirut

All Women Count (AWC) is a Global South consortium to address gender based violence (GBV) in the region. The consortium is led by CREA and its members include Arab Foundation for Freedoms and Equality (AFE), Association for Progressive Communications (APC) and UHAI-East Africa Sexual Health Initiative (UHAI-EASHRI).

AWC supports initiatives to build resilient communities and fight back against oppressive patriarchal norms to address the roots of GBV, identify and map the core drivers of violence (online and offline), interrogate the imbalance of power, particularly focusing on marginalized women, girls and trans people. The consortium works for the rights of lesbian and bisexual women and trans people, women and girls living in poverty, women and girls with disabilities and sex workers. AWC works in Burundi, Egypt, India, Kenya, Lebanon, Tanzania, Uganda as well as borderless online spaces.

AWC’s work has led to changes at individual, community, institutional and structural levels, and supported marginalized women and transgender people to enjoy greater freedom. It has encouraged them to challenge unjust social norms and oppressive power structures, raise their voices against violence, mobilize support from the community, build networks, engage with the media, and it has increased access to public spaces and resources as well as brought about institutional changes. It is also strengthening a network of feminist activists and practitioners from the Global South, collectivizing their voices to demand greater rights and fight back against GBV.