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New Voices New Leaders

Before I think feminism is for women only and only women can be feminist. After this training, I understand it as an ideology, a concept for social justice.

Participant | Feminist Leadership and Movement Building Training of Trainers in Burmese, Chiang Mai, 2018

The New Voices, New Leaders program was launched in 2013 with the goal to develop a resource pool of women leaders in Myanmar, Nepal and India, with the capacity to implement programs and influence policy related to gender equality and violence against women at the national level. The program aims to catalyze transformative change in the three focus countries via strong feminist leaders, while also creating south-south network of women leaders in these countries to share ideas, resources, and information to influence policy and programs related to feminist leadership, gender equality, and violence against women.

The program includes Training of Trainers on feminist leadership and movement building in Burmese, exchange and learning visits between feminist activists from the three countries, and translation of CREA’s resource materials on feminist leadership into local languages. In the next phase of this work (from 2019 onwards) CREA will further strengthen and expand its partnerships to advance LGBT and sex workers rights in the three countries.

New Voices, New Leaders has enhanced leadership capacity and knowledge of over 194 women leaders in India, Nepal and Myanmar through Institutes, trainings and knowledge exchanges. More than 60 organizations have participated in CREA’s various capacity building and exchange programs, to be able to better integrate issues related to gender equality and violence against women. The alumni of CREA’s trainings have further conducted three feminist leadership trainings in Burmese for community based organizations and Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender persons. The CREA training resource material is now being used by organizations and networks in their leadership trainings and consultations.