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by Aisha Lovely George, Hidden Pockets



“When was the last time you visited a gynae? Do you know any good ones?” I asked my friend. She replied, “Hey, I am not pregnant. I’m not even married.”


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In 1971, the increasing cases of maternal morbidity due to unsafe abortions, as well as the idea that abortions could be used as a method of population control motivated the government to enact the Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act. But what does the law really say? To what extent is abortion... Read More 

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The fourth of the nine part essay series entitled Global Dialogues on Decriminalisation, Choice and Consent (CREA 2014) has been adapted from presentations by Elisa Slattery, Sonia Correa and Rupsa Mallik. (Hindi... Read More 

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The stigma surrounding abortion hinders access to safe and legal services. But before we attempt to tackle abortion stigma, we need to define it, and the impact it has.



(Abortion stigma definition adapted from... Read More