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We believe that accessibility should be understood not only as a technical or logistical issue but as a wider concept of embracing diversity through collective action to ensure our spaces and communities are accessible. It is about centering access as a core part of the just and equal world we want to create. 

We believe that accessibility is a feminist issue and recognize that seeking accommodations depends on navigating power relations. We want solutions to be found together, and for these solutions to be gender and disability accommodating. 

Thanks to the feminist disability activists who have brought us in and become our teachers, CREA understands accessibility as a state of mind, as well as an approach that requires practical skills, strategies, and systems. We are committed to improving all of these. 

Through our work and the spaces into which this work takes us (or allows us to create), we try to include who is left out due to ableism. We want our spaces to be as welcoming and easy to access as possible. 

CREA is committed to providing a website that is accessible to the widest possible audience, and are actively working to increase its accessibility and usability of our website. CREA worked with a global South-based digital accessibility firm on an accessibility audit and remediation process to meet WCAG 2.1 requirements. The updated website, with a minimum conformance level of A, was launched in April 2021.

We are also committed to improving accessibility on other digital spaces, including social media, resources, and webinars. CREA will make accommodations, taking sexual and gender diversity, and safety and individual choice, into account. 

Please contact CREA to let us know about your accessibility needs. Accessibility is learned through a process and we are continually seeking to learn and  understand how we can improve accessibility. If/when we err in our ways, please tell us. We recognize we can do better.


For any difficulty in accessing the CREA website, please don’t hesitate to contact: 


Last Updated: 20 May 2021