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Count Me In!

In 2011, more than 300 feminists, artists, activists, allies and policy makers came together at CREA’s landmark Count Me In! conference to address violence against structurally excluded communities. Over three days, Count Me In! explored the myriad of issues facing trans and lesbian women, women with disabilities, and sex workers in South Asia.

Eight years later, against the backdrop of a rapidly-changing socio-political landscape, CREA announced its second, ambitious global conference – reconference.


Held in Kathmandu, Nepal, in April 2019, reconference brought together over 700 activists, artists and allies from 63 countries to spend three days recharging movements to meet a diverse set of emerging and unprecedented challenges. The event combined deep scholarship and critical thinking alongside creative representation of pressing socio-political issues intersecting with art, technology and feminism.

The global feminist expo aimed to rethink ​​gender, sexuality, disability, technology, sex worker rights and their intersection(s) with the arts and technology; reimagine​​ vision and journeys of change that are more inclusive, creative and rights-affirming for all women, girls and trans people; and reboot​​ feminist practice to be more collaborative, cross-movement and intersectional.

From installations to panel discussions, to film screenings and experiential spaces, to radical fault-line dialogues, the ambitious gathering included several multi-use spaces. More than a meeting of speakers and attendees, reconference was as much about the form as about the content, and the new technologies, evocative installations, and creative performances became an essential part of the experience.

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