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A fearless, interrogative, colorful, edgy, sexy flock of birds flying freely to explore, to imagine and to build freedoms together.

Disability, Sexuality and Consent: ‍How Activists Are Reshaping the Narrative

CREA in partnership with T Brand Studio, the content studio of The New York Times, brings you an article where seven individuals working at the intersections of disability activism, sexuality, and feminism discuss their experiences of disability, sexuality and consent.

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Flaws in Laws: Challenging Criminalization of Young People’s Bodily Autonomy

The Challenging Criminalization of Young People’s Bodily Autonomy Primer lays down foundational concepts and assertions crucial in unpacking criminalization and the impact of criminalization of bodily autonomy on young people in South Asia through a feminist lens.

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Thank You MacKenzie Scott!

We extend our sincere thanks to MacKenzie Scott for recognizing the importance of our work and choosing to invest in CREA’s vision for a more equitable and just world. Together, we will continue to challenge unjust power structures, build feminist leadership, and advance the rights of those who are structurally excluded.

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#flawsinlaws is a campaign focused on encouraging young people to critically engage with #FLAWSINLAWS: Rethink My Freedoms, Reimagine my Rights, Realize my Futures.


#AbortTheStigma is a campaign to normalize conversations about safe abortion. The stigma and shame surrounding abortion hinders access to safe and legal services.


#NotJustMyWork is a campaign to draw attention to the myriad ways in which universal human rights apply to sex workers.

suspend judgement

CREA launched the Suspend Judgment campaign in 2016 to enable all of us to think and act differently.

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