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fostering collective resilience

There is an urgent need to resist and challenge growing anti-feminist and anti-rights mobilization. In response, CREA supports partner organizations and movements to defend and expand civic space and foster collective resilience.

Sexuality and Disability Rights

Women and girls with disabilities face structural and systemic oppressions as well as deeply entrenched stigma and isolation.
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Kahi Ankahi Baatein: Aisa Kyun, Aisa Kyun Nahi

Radio Jamia broadcasted shows on various current events, health and nutrition, and music curated by students, the collaboration produced informative content that informed communities, within the university and the outlying areas of Jamia Nagar, on gender, gender-based violence, patriarchy and other feminist concepts.
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Our Voices Our Futures

The challenges resulting from criminalization of sexuality and identity are gaining increased attention within the women’s rights, human rights and social justice communities.
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