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feminist leadership

We do have power even when we are powerless. At times people use this powerlessness as their power.

– Alumna of FLMBaRI, Hindi

In 2014, CREA organized the first ever Feminist Leadership, Movement Building and Rights Institute (FLMBaRI) in Hindi. Since then, FLMBaRI has been expanded and adapted for South Asia and East Africa. The institute is the bridge between the feminist theories and practice, aimed at building the next generation of feminist activists who would lead the movements of the future. The institute is for women activists and young leaders, including those working in the grassroots and leading marginalized communities. Activists and academics teach the course using classroom instruction, group work, case studies, simulation exercises, films and other creative mediums. In 2018, the FLMBaRI was re-designed to update the curriculum and address the current contexts and issues. 

FLMBaRI has created a pool of feminist leaders and activists who are working with communities and leading movements regionally and globally. The activists and leaders are now better connected, able to share their experiences and learnings with each other, support each other’s work and initiatives and the creative cross-learning is helping them lead their respective movements.

Feminist Leadership, Movement Building, and Rights Institute (FLMBaRI), South Asia

CREA’s Feminist Leadership, Movement Building, and Rights Institute—South Asia, is designed for women working in South Asian non-governmental organizations and for activists involved in feminist movements in the region. This annual residential training program builds the conceptual understanding of gender, feminism, human rights, and movement building in the South Asian context.

Feminism is an ideology
Change is not easy Just funding activities don't lead to women's empowerment
What is a feminist movement?
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Feminist Leadership, Movement Building, and Rights Institute (FLMBaRI), East Africa

CREA’s Feminist Leadership, Movement Building, and Rights Institute—East Africa, provides training on feminist leadership and movement building to representatives of women-led organizations and women activists in East Africa (Burundi, Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Somaliland, Tanzania, and Uganda). The institute focuses on building the leadership skills of the participants and enhances their understanding of the concepts, political frameworks, strategies, social movements, and about the ways they can apply the knowledge to their work. The aim is to improve their work and strengthen the region’s feminist and women’s movements.

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CREA’s Feminist Leadership, Movement Building, and Rights Institute—Hindi

CREA’s Feminist Leadership, Movement Building, and Rights Institute—Hindi, is designed for women working at the grassroots level, community based organizations and/or leading grassroots, community movements in India. The annual residential training program in Hindi focuses on building the conceptual understanding on issues of patriarchy, gender and power, feminism, feminist leadership, caste and leadership, women’s movement and engagement on violence against women, and sex worker’s movements and interface with the women’s movement. The aim is to deepen the participant’s feminist lens and political analysis, enable them to share the learning in their communities and apply the knowledge to further their work and movements in their communities. The institute also develops a network of grassroots feminist activists working with communities and/or leading movements.

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