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CREA in 2020

In 2020, CREA turns 20. It has been an unprecedented year. However, even a global pandemic has not stopped our two decades of activism! We are celebrating 20 years of challenging stereotypes, building the capacities of girls and women, and strengthening movements.

Help us celebrate a milestone

CREA is marking our 20th year by doing something we have never done before: asking for your financial support.

You have already been our supporter in so many ways – through campaigns, programs, Institutes, and advocacy. Your one-time donation is a celebration of CREA and 20 years of joining together to ensure all women count.  Donate online below or email us now to help:

  • Create safe spaces for all girls to learn, reflect, question, lead and aspire.
  • Expand the skills of the activists of tomorrow.
  • Breakdown barriers to create more inclusive movements.
  • Support CREA as we move into our next decade of building feminist futures.

Online donations are not currently available in India or Bangladesh. Please send us a short message in order to donate by check or bank transfer.