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[Image Description: Image with black and white illustration with a pink tinge at the center of an upside down tree, split in two parts horizontally. The first half has roots emerging upward. Each root end has a hand. Some of these hands are embellished with figures like an eye, a dot, and arrows. On one of the roots a caterpillar is merrily creeping upwards. A snail lounges on the separation horizon where all the roots emerge. The background is rendered with small waves and dots. The second half of the illustration shows an inverted tree. Its leaves, also upside down, grow out the tree and cover most of the frame. On the bark, a human-like face blends in with the bark texture. In the background, there are flying fishes with wings and clouds, both upright in contrast to the tree. Parts of the illustration inlaid into a pink background are on either side. On the top left corner a gray text box reads: Think feminist, Think resilience, Think persistence. To the right of the illustration/right bottom corner of the illustration a gray text box reads: happy 2023 to everyone. Below that is a pink CREA logo.]