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The challenges resulting from criminalization of sexuality and identity are gaining increased attention within the women’s rights, human rights and social justice communities.

Gender 360

Debates around the meaning of “gender,” within and across movements and alliances, have often exhibited our understanding to be fractious, fungible and silo-ed.

Early and forced marriage

Control and regulation of sexuality, in particular young women and girls’ sexuality, as a result of gender inequality exists in various cultural contexts and communities.

Laws, policies, restrictions

CREA uses various national, international and human rights mechanisms, laws and policies as tools for movement building and cross movement collaboration with a primary aim to strengthen multi-stakeholder accountability.

Count Me In

CREA is a part of the Count Me In! consortium (CMI) - a joint initiative with Mama Cash, Association for Women's Rights in Development (AWID), Just Associates (JASS) and Urgent Action Fund representing Africa, the US and Latin America in strategic partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs under the Policy Framework Dialogue and Dissent (2016-2020).

All Women Count

All Women Count (AWC) is a Global South consortium to address gender based violence (GBV) in the region.