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CREA develops publications and knowledge resources, in English and Hindi, in the fields of sexuality, reproductive health, gender, and human rights. These publications foreground global South perspectives and reduce the paucity of resources for Hindi-speaking activists and organizations.

All these resources and materials are made available here on the website, and are mailed out to the organizations and activists that CREA works with and disseminated through various other channels.

All About Movements

11 Dec 2020

The greatest changes the world has seen towards greater justice, equity and inclusion have been the result of movements – the struggles of disempowered people or simply caring, passionate people, to build a better world.  Think about the abolition of…

Feminist Leadership for Social Transformation

16 Nov 2020

This concept paper is part of a broader process launched by CREA to analyze and evaluate the impact of its leadership development strategies, and to explore how to strengthen these. The main goal of this exploration was not merely to…

The Nairobi Principles French

24 Sep 2020

Les principes de Nairobi sur l’avortement, le dépistage prénatal et le handicap. (Nairobi Principles, French translation). View