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Sunita Kujur

Consultant - Advocacy Advisor

Sunita Kujur works at the intersection of sexuality, gender, feminist leadership and human rights, and is currently Advocacy Advisor at CREA. In her current role, she will advise and implement CREA’s advocacy strategy. In the twenty-seven years, Sunita’s work has spanned grassroots activism, capacity building, movement support, national and international advocacy, managing consortiums & coalitions and organizational development. Before transitioning out at the end of 2022, Sunita had a long stint of sixteen years at CREA, during which she contributed significantly to strengthening organizational processes and managing growth, as well as leave a larger and stronger footprint in India, South Asia, East Africa, MENA, Central Asia and globally.

Sunita has been a part of several progressive social movements and agendas. She has worked extensively with coalitions and consortiums, playing a fundamental role in ensuring that they remain transformative and relevant to the social change that they aspire to bring about.

Sunita holds a Masters degree in Social Work from the University of Delhi. Away from work, she is a sports enthusiast, especially football. She is a die-hard fan of the Arsenal women’s and men’s football teams. Her other interests include watching films & TV series and traveling.