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After sixteen years of exemplary work at CREA and a testament to our shared leadership model, Sunita Kujur, Senior Director, Programs and Innovation, has decided to transition out as of 30 November 2022 to pursue her other interests and take a break.

Sunita joined us in 2006 as Program Coordinator when CREA was a relatively small organization and is now leaving an organization of 40 team members with a much larger footprint in India, South Asia, East Africa, MENA and globally.

Our flock of fearless, sexy, colorful, edgy, and interrogative birds will have one less bird and it will not be easy. Needless to say, she will be missed by all of us at CREA.

Sunita nurtured CREA in its various stages of growth but also guided us to live our values, weather times of turmoil, and put our views and beliefs into action. Her feminist values and networking skills have helped expand CREA’s influence within the broader sexuality, human rights, and feminist spaces. She has helped build our work with international advocacy platforms, to expand understanding of sexual rights and to foster inclusive civic spaces for the structurally excluded. During her tenure, she has managed several of CREA’s efforts in coalitions and consortiums and has been vital in diversifying our donor portfolio and making funds accessible to community-based organizations.

I am grateful for the varied opportunities I have had at CREA, to learn, grow and contribute to the organization’s growth, vision and mission. I have truly learnt that nothing is too big or too small.
– Sunita Kujur

Internally, as part of the Organizational Management Team, she has contributed significantly to strengthening organizational processes, with the aim of building a just and equitable work environment. She has beautifully handled the need to balance internal management and organizational growth, with the imperative to remain dynamic, agile, and focused on the realization of our vision and mission.

Sunita’s energy and infectious personality will be sorely missed by everyone at the organization. She brought levity and joy to all of us at CREA, for example, discussing the latest in Bollywood at CREA’s cherished staff lunches.

We know that those of you who have worked with Sunita will miss her as much we will. Closer to her leaving, we will host a zoom party to celebrate her leadership. We hope that many of you can join us to wish her well. Even while we celebrate the many years of Sunita’s thoughtful leadership and insightful direction, we wish Sunita all the best for her journey ahead, with the promise that the murmuration shall continue!

Read Sunita’s personal statement here.