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Your Protection Doesn’t Protect Me Campaign 2022

In 2022, CREA led the Women Gaining Ground consortium campaign continuing under the same theme, “Your Protection Doesn’t Protect Me”. We recognize that campaigns and advocacy require sustained and continuous efforts, and WGG’s stance against protectionist policies is an underlying thread in the consortium’s work.

During the campaign we amplified key messaging on the harms of protectionism and the need to create space for individuals to access their rights, demand a rights-based and affirmative approach to GBV, and reject protectionism and criminalization as the answer to addressing and responding to GBV.

The messages entrenched in WGG’s politics and positions called for rights-based approaches to GBV that are:


As many power structures intersect to make diverse people vulnerable to violence – such as gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, ability and a host of other factors – we must recognize the complexity and context of these interconnections to respond to GBV effectively.


Interventions against GBV must include all persons, including women and persons who defy gender and sexual norms (such as sex workers, lesbians, trans persons, non-binary persons, persons with disabilities, younger or older women, among other structurally excluded groups).


Our bodies and minds are sites for both oppression and pleasure. Therefore, when addressing violence, we cannot ignore pleasure.


Trans rights are human rights and the right to self-determination of gender identity is a fundamental right. Interventions against GBV must be trans-inclusive.

Include Young People

Young people should be free to express their sexuality and sexual desires, and trusted with the information, space, and agency to make decisions for themselves.

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