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“Your Protection Doesn’t Protect Me”

Stories of Resilience


This year, CREA, as part of the Women Gaining Ground consortium will participate in the 16 Days against GBV Campaign following a similar theme as 2021 – “Your Protection Doesn’t Protect Me” — highlighting the need to push back against protectionist policies, laws, and attitudes that often do more harm, in order to take action against GBV.

As part of this campaign, we will celebrate the resilience and the hard-won battles of survivors of violence, all individuals, collectives and organizations, pushing back against the structures that harm and protectionism policies and practices that do not truly ‘protect’. 

We ask you to share stories of resilience against GBV that speak to the theme of “Your Protection Doesn’t Protect Me”. These can be stories of,

  • Championing against protectionist attitudes, laws, and policies,
  • Resilience in the event of harm and violence,
  • Or simply, personal reflections on the ideal feminist future you wish to see!

There is no small story of resilience. It could be the simple act of talking to someone about violence, or supporting a friend! 

Join us in creating an international tapestry of such stories. Each and every story has the power to individually or collectively, create change. 

For the full click here: PDF or Word.