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Prajesh Sjb Rana

Creative Communications Specialist

Prajesh will work with the Communications team at CREA where he will lead the strategic planning, implementation, and execution of organizational communications. He will work with a team of communications professionals to help amplify programs, events, activism, and voices through effective articulation and storytelling.

Prajesh has worked as a journalist for various newspapers, magazines, and online portals for more than a decade in Nepal. His work has been published in The Kathmandu Post, Republica, M&S VMAG, and Annapurna Express among others. Before joining CREA, he headed the Communications Unit at a local feminist NGO: Women LEAD Nepal. Prajesh is a staunch advocate for capacity-building and has run many workshops and training programs, through and outside his previous organization, to teach professional and technical communications skills. He believes that people need to own all parts of the storytelling process for their voices to be unfiltered and authentic.

An admirer of the arts, Prajesh loves being around and working with artists. He believes art to be one of the purest forms of human expression, which is why he explores worlds, ideas, and expressions through an artistic lens. A multidisciplinary at heart, he works on all forms of media from creative writing to film. Prajesh has a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication from Sharda University.