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Anamika K H

Program Assistant - Sexuality and Disability

Anamika is a part of CREA’s Emerging Leaders 2023 cohort. She works closely with the Disability and Sexuality portfolio.

Anamika completed her Master’s in Sociology from South Asian University, New Delhi. Her MA dissertation interrogated the intersection of ascriptive identities and emotional labour of Bahujan women journalists in Malayalam multimedia platforms. She obtained her BA in Sociology from the University of Hyderabad. Her academic engagements broadly include the areas of gender, caste, work, and violence, along with budding interests in cognitive sociology. 

Hailing from a village named Panangad in Kerala, Anamika identifies as a Bahujan intersectional feminist passionate about bridging the gap between academia and the ground.

Anamika loves reading poetry and making illustrations. She enjoys taking photos of her friends and holds her journaling habit close.